Attention - Calling All Freshers!

New to Portsmouth University? Great, you're going to love it!

One of the best parts of University, is joining a society. No matter which one(s) you choose, you'll meet some great people, and share some awesome experiences.

There is a society to suit everyone, and here's why you should choose to join us...

A Society For Students - By Students.

The Portsmouth University Photography Society is put simply, a group of students with a passion for photography. Members benefit from photography tutorials, trips and social activities; and once you become a paid member, unlimited equipment hire too.

Everyone is welcome, and each week we offer members something new. So whether you want to start taking great photos, perfect your skills, or simply show off your talents, why not give us a visit?

We have loads of events coming up, including photo walks, city visits and cool creative photoshoots. Come find us at freshers fayre, or simply come along to a meeting. Don't have anyone to come with? Neither did our president, and he turned out ok...

Upcoming Events

Great Photographers Come To Us.
Now Let One Come To You.

Want to hire a photographer? You've come to the right place. Whether you're a student organisation or a bride to be, we can provide a photographer service for events big and small.

Our dedicated team of photographers are budding professionals - and it shows. You get a professional level of service, without the price tag.

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Equipment Loans

DSLR cameras and accessories. Free of charge.

Develop A Keen Eye

Learn to take better shots and show us your talents.

Pixels Make Prizes.

Fortnightly competitions that anyone can enter.


Develop professional and personal relationships with like-minded photographers.

Meet The Team

Marcus Cole


Photo of Marcus Cole, young with brown hair and glasses.

Hi, I'm Marcus. I've been snapping away for years, currently with a Canon 7D Mk II. Photography keeps me active, and helps me see the world. While I specialise in portraits, I enjoy all photography, and regularly shoot events.

Scott Allaway

Vice President

Photo of Scott Allaway, young with fair hair.

Hi I'm Scott, I've been with the society for two years and have been taking photos for the best part of 5 years. I currently use a Sony A390 and an array of 35mm and 120 film cameras. My speciality is long exposures but I love to try my hand at anything.

Gareth Jones

Treasurer and Publicity

Black and White Photo of Gareth Jones, young with brown hair.

Hello, I’m Gareth. I have been taking pictures for a long time but bought my first and current DSLR, a Canon 60D, in 2012. I enjoy taking all kinds of photos but my main focus is landscape photography. I also organise events photography. Should you need any help with anything photography related I will help you.

Howard Keats

Equipment Manager

Photo of Howard Keats, young with brown hair and glasses.

Howard here. I love street photography, its in my blood, heart and soul. I shoot with a Fuji mirrorless. Once you have gone mirrorless, you never go back!

Mickey Fenuku

Social Secretary

Photo of Mickey Fenuku, young with an afro hairstyle.

Michael here, 5 years of experience, I snap because I love photography and its in my bloodline. Currently with a Canon 6D.

Liz Hutchins


Photo of Liz Hutchins, a young lady with brown, shoulder length hair.

Hi I'm Liz. I currently shoot with a Sony NEX-3N and enjoy a range of photography including sunsets and double chinned snapchats. Also cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Society Do?

We form a large group of friendly photographers, that get together to learn new skills, and put them to the test. We have Tuesday sessions each week, as well as bi-monthly trips at weekends.

Is It Just Taking Photos?

No. We alternate meetings around everyone's interests. Some week's we learn new skills, others we go ice skating. It's up to you what you do in-between, though we do have competitions if you are a happy snapper!

How Often Do You Meet?

Every week. You can find out what's happening on our Facebook page, and the full schedule will soon be available to view on this website.

Where Do You Meet?

While it changes depending on the event we are running, we meet in room 1.08 - Eldon building, more or less every week. Check your emails and our Facebook page for the latest information.

Do I Need To Attend Every Meeting?

No, you can attend as often as you like. If you're busy - you're busy.

How Do I Join?

You can attend the first few meetings free of charge to see if you like us! After that, simply sign up with the link below for £9. Note that you cannot attend our trips, or borrow equipment until you are a paid member.

Join Us!

Get In Touch.

Ready to get involved, or use our services? That's great! Send us an email, or come and see us.

Want to come and see us? Don't worry, there's no commitment. We meet every Tuesday at 7pm in Eldon Building - Room 1.08. Everyone is welcome!